24 March 2017


The New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment Inc. is a not-for-profit incorporated society. 

The NZAMI, New Zealand's leading professional association for immigration advisers since 1989, works closely with Immigration New Zealand and the Immigration Advisers Authorityin its commitment to playing a major role in building the professionalism of the immigration industry in New Zealand. 

The association is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected annually by the NZAMI membership and are bound to the NZAMI Code of Ethics for the protection and care of migrants to New Zealand.

The Directors and staff of NZAMI are a small, professional and highly committed team that work with industry and stakeholders to achieve the aims and objectives of the association.

The membership of the NZAMI consists of a diverse group of highly experienced immigration advisers and lawyers who are committed to giving the best service possible to their clients, as well as a range of service providers who help migrants with important settlement matters such as finding a jo b, banking, housing, relocation, education. For more information, go to Find an Adviser and Sites of Interest.

 NZAMI Board Members and Personnel 2016/2017



Chairman June Ranson

Woburn International

Relationships (Chair)


Vice Chairman Matt Gibbons Into NZ

Finance (Chair)


Policy & Advocacy

Director Anuradha Grover AIC Immigration Consultancy 


Policy & Advocacy (Vice Chair)

Director Karishma Malek Meridian Migration Ltd

CPD (Chair)

Awards (sub Committee of Relationship)

Director Simon Moore e-Migration NZ (South Island)

Membership (Chair)


Director Peter Moses Barrister

Policy (Chair)



Director Damon Parker Swiftvisa



Awards (sub Committee of Relationship)

Director Vandana Rai Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd

Policy & Advocacy

Awards (sub Committee of Relationship)

Director Richard Small Pacific Legal Limited

Governance (Chair)


Policy & Advocacy

Director Simona Woodberg North Shore Immigration Services




Officers Justin Keen Cloud Accountants Ltd Accountant
  Christina Overwater NZAMI 

Secretary/Administration Manager  

NZAMI Business Partners


ANZ Bank (more detail to come)