Election 2020: Immigration reset or a new normal?

28 September 2020
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says the border will re-open sooner than people think and mass immigration should be consigned to the past.

National's plan for more foreign workers, students, tourists, Pacific

22 September 2020
The National Party wants to open up the borders to let in more foreign workers and international students as well as people from Covid-free countries including Pacific nations.

Worker shortage sees fruit bowl of NZ facing the prospect of rotting a

15 September 2020
With borders still closed and the busy harvest season on the horizon, regions that rely on foreign labour like Hawke's Bay are staring at the prospect of being thousands of workers short. Paul Paynter from Yummy Fruit Co told 1 NEWS it’s a scary time.

Some visa holders get the chance to return to NZ - but not all

11 September 2020
Those working to get offshore visa holders back into the country have welcomed changes from the government - but say they hope it's just a start.
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