21 January 2021

NZAMI Immigration Awards 2017


We are very pleased to announce the 2017 NZAMI Immigration Awards will be run again this year at the lovely Eden Park in Auckland on Friday, 18th August 2017.

This year we received a record number of Nominations! 

The Judges had a lot of work to do and I thank them hugely for their time and efforts.  I would also like to thank everyone involved in the Nomination process, I can see the work that went into the Nominations themselves, and you should all feel incredibly proud that someone has taken the time to make the Nomination!

The Finalists for 2017 are:

Immigration Adviser or Lawyer  (we have 5 Finalists as 3 were on the same score)

Kar-Yen Partington

Carol Wright

Vandana Rai

Borey Chum

Arunima Dhingra


Community Outreach

Deborah Gounder

Arunima Dhingra

Jaspreet Bassan


Migrant of the Year

Grace Dong Liu

Ian Godleman

Sohil Sayani


Hall of Fame

David Ryken

Vandana Rai

Arunima Dhingra


NZAMI Service Award

Greenstone Advisory Team

June Ranson

Anuradha Grover


If you have any questions please contact the NZAMI office by email at or telephone +64 (0)7 575 8439.

You can find out more about the previous Awards' winners at the NZAMI Home Page (at the very top) or just click on for the 2015 results or for the 2013 results.