21 January 2021

How often are the Immigration Awards held?

The NZAMI Immigration Awards are held every second year.  They started in 2013, and the next Awards will be held on Friday, 18th August 2017 at Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand.

Can anyone Nominate someone for an NZAMI Immigration Award?

Yes, anyone can make a Nomination - the NZAMI Immigration Awards are open to everyone.

Does the person or company I want to nominate need to be a member of NZAMI?

The NZAMI Immigration Awards are open to everyone so they don’t need to be a member.  However the NZAMI Service Award Category is only open to NZAMI members.

What happens if I send my Nomination form in late?

All Nominations must be received by the offices of NZAMI before 4pm on Friday, 23rd June 2017 otherwise the Nomination will not be considered.

What pages do I need to send?

On page 2 of the Nomination Form, there is a check-list.  Please read that carefully and if you are still unsure please call the offices of NZAMI on +64 (07)  575 8439.

Do I need to send the originals of the Nomination form or will an email version be acceptable?

You can send the completed forms by either email or post, originals are not required.

How many Nominations can I make and is there any cost?

There is no limit to how many nominations you make, and there is no cost to nominate someone.

How many Finalists will there be for each Award?

There will be 3 Finalists for each Award (unless there are insufficient numbers to have 3 Finalists) and all these Finalists will be introduced at the Awards Dinner.

When / Where will the winners be announced and how will my Nominee know if they are a Finalist?

The winners will be announced at the Awards Dinner which is being held at Eden Park in Auckland on Friday 18th August 2017 at 6.30pm.  The Finalists will be advised at least 3 weeks prior to the Awards Dinner so they can make the necessary preparations.


  • This competition is organised and being run by NZAMI, the voice of the New Zealand Immigration industry. The competition is to celebrate the success that migrants give to the building of New Zealand and those professionals who are involved to make this possible.
  • All entries become the property of NZAMI. They will be treated as confidential to the judging panel. The decisions of the judging panel are final and may not be disputed.
  • The judges are looking for an overview, you are not expected to write lengthy answers, be precise where possible.
  • If you feel it is necessary, you can write additional information on separate sheets and attach with this form – this extra information will be accepted.
  • You may attach collateral such as brochures, but do not attach samples or anything other than printer paper.
  • If your candidate is selected as a finalist, one or more of the judging panel may visit you, or the candidate, to find out more.
  • Assistance is available if you are having difficulty, or want further clarification with regards to the categories.


Consider carefully why you are making this Nomination (in not more than 500 words), and what it is that you consider makes the individual / organisation worthy of this award.  Remember the Judge does not know your Nominee and the information you provide needs to explain to the Judge why this person is worthy of Nomination.  If necessary, send evidence or examples along with the Nomination form for the Judge to consider, but keep it succinct and factual.

BUSINESS / INVESTOR AWARD (additional information):

This award is unique in that it recognises local and international companies or individuals whose innovative marketing and capital investment has made a significant contribution to the growth of New Zealand.  The personal achievements of an individual nominee may also be taken into account.  Include information on the following:

a. How many full time employees as at the end of March 2015

b. How many new full-time jobs have been created since March 2014

c. What capital investment has been made into the New Zealand business by the migrant

d. What are the key characteristics of your Business?   Please include:

     i. Innovation and creativity, especially new initiatives, eg new products or services or new technology

     ii. Business goals achieved over the past year

     iii. Ways in which the business has added value to New Zealand

     iv. Any other characteristics or personal achievements you think are important


If you are unsure of any of the above points, or have any other questions, please contact the Secretary at NZAMI on +64 (0)7 575 8439 or by email