25 November 2020

Find a Supervisor

New entrants to the immigration advice profession will quickly realise the complexities of this industry.  Our most proficient advisers still up-skill regularly via Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and networking at seminars and workshops.  You have picked an exciting but complex industry to work within.

One of the greatest benefits you can offer your clients and yourself would be to work with a Licensed Immigration Adviser with a Full licence.

Licenced Advisers, in their capacity as business professionals, may offer their services as supervisors and set up their own systems, contracts and fees. They must, however, work within the IAA Code of Conduct. If you wish to read the IAA Model Provisional Licence Supervision Agreement click here.

Below is a list of Licenced Advisers (who are also NZAMI members), who are offering their services as supervisors. You are protected in terms of the fact that all of these advisers are fully licenced by the Immigration Advisers Authority and they are members of NZAMI, which is the leading Association in New Zealand for immigration advice professionals. 

Contact any of these advisers by email if you wish to enquire about their services as supervisors.

For more information, click on the name below: 


Satish Chand

Rambha Chitrakar

Borey Chum

Paul Eggleton JP

Ken Fernyhough

Palat Krishnan

Vijendra Prasad    

Samip Shah

Tui Vole

Maricel Weischede

Simona Marica 

Katy Marston-Key