05 March 2021

What can NZAMI do for you?


If you are thinking about coming to New Zealand we can help you to find a licensed adviser who will help you understand New Zealand government immigration policy as it applies to you.We can also help you settle in New Zealand comfortably.

If you are thinking about becoming a member, we can help you to raise your profile, attract new clients, boost your knowledge through Professional Development Seminars and regular newsletters, and network with other licensed professionals.

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  • Use this website to find a professional immigration adviser who will carefully assess your chances of success and who can meet your specific needs for successful settlement, work, study, business or investment in New Zealand
  • By using our 'Find an Adviser' search tool, you can select:
    • the type of visa you want to apply for
    • the language you want your adviser to speak
    • the country you want your adviser to have specialized knowledge about
    • the location your adviser works in

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  • Use this website to find service providers who will help you with settlement advice on matters such as employment, schooling, banking and finance, business opportunities, finding a home and living in New Zealand.

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  • Use this website for industry news and information on professional development seminars and membership
  • Members receive up-date policy & industry information & many other support feature on our secure member site

What can you expect from NZAMI members?


It is now law in New Zealand that all immigration advisers giving advice in New Zealand should be licensed by the regulatory body called the Immigration Advisers Authority, unless they are exempt.Licensed advisers must show that they are thoroughly competent to represent you and they must keep their kmowledge of immigration policy and procedure up to date by attending Professional Development seminars regularly.

Quality Service from NZAMI members

All our full members are licensed to give you clear professional advice with your needs in mind and prepare correct documentation which follows all government requirements. They are also able to give you advice and information on settlement matters, and are supported by our Associate members who provide settlement services.

Professional Service from NZAMI Members

All Members of the NZAMI must conduct their businesses ethically and in accordance with the law and with any Code of Conduct or practice requirements prescribed for their class of professional affiliation.

  • Members who are licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) are required to adhere to the IAA Code of Conduct.
  • Members who hold a New Zealand Law Society practising certificate and practice as a lawyer are required to adhere to the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006 and the Rules of Conduct and Client Care for Lawyers.
  • Members who are not bound by New Zealand law to act in accordance with one of the regimes mentioned above are required to adhere to the NZAMI Code of Ethics.