Tenfold increase in interest from Brits wanting to move to NZ - BREXIT

22 August 2016
More than 10,500 registrations from people considering moving here from Britain have been lodged with Immigration New Zealand since the Brexit vote. The agency's deputy chief executive, Nigel Bickle, said interest from UK nationals rose tenfold on the day Britain voted to leave Europe.

Chef visas could get chop

17 August 2016
The government is reviewing whether chefs, who account for the highest number of skilled work and residence visas, should continue to be classed as a priority profession for attracting immigrant workers.

Auckland too much like China says Chinese immigrant and real estate ag

14 August 2016
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters last week talked about an email he had received from a Chinese real estate agent in Auckland about immigration and the housing market. Peters said the agent backed up his claim that speculation was rife. The agent has worked in the industry for three years. He expands on his views here.

Record levels of migration prompt calls to rein in immigration

11 August 2016
Radio New Zealand - audio segment on 'Record numbers of work visas and a sharp increase in new residents have put renewed pressure on the government to rein in immigration'
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