Seminar - Auckland NZAMI Seminar Friday, 27th November 2015

27 November 2015

Interactive: How your neighbourhood will change by 2038

09 November 2015
New Zealand is becoming a super diverse nation, but its diversity story is a stratified one - drawn along ethnic and economic lines.

Immigration still booming, but questions are looming

27 October 2015
While the New Zealand economy might be heading for a slowdown, the country’s immigration boom isn't showing similar signs of losing momentum.

Superdiversity has reached critical mass - it's New Zealand's future

19 October 2015
New Zealand's defining issue through the coming decades will be, not diversity, but superdiversity. This is especially evident in Auckland, where almost 50 per cent of the population is Maori, Asian and Pacific peoples; where 44 per cent were not born in New Zealand; and where there are over 200 ethnicities, and 160 languages spoken.
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