Student visa scam - It's the tip of the iceberg

08 December 2016
Since the Herald began publishing its three-part investigation into the student visa scandal, the emails have flooded in. Most have come from people in or close to the industry. Virtually all say the same thing - you are absolutely right, this is the tip of the iceberg, here is what happened in the place where I worked. Then most add - but please don't publish my name, because I still need a job.

International students 'cheat system, take jobs from NZers' - report

07 December 2016
The Government was warned three years ago that a surge in international students was lowering the skill level of our immigrants.

Immigrants use baking 'rort' to get residency, says union boss

07 December 2016
Norm Holley is on the case of the disappearing bakers. The 69-year-old secretary of the Bakers Union says he's sick of seeing his industry used as a stepping stone by immigrants who only want permanent residency.

'Sleep with me if you want your visa' boss tells student worker

06 December 2016
Ananya* left her first job in New Zealand when her supervisor told her she would have to sleep with him to get her residency. She was shocked that the man, a fellow Indian, could suggest such a thing - not only because it deeply offended her but because she had assumed that kind of behaviour would not happen here.
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